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Is Tom Hanks’ son missing?


Multiple sources have reported that Chet Hanks, son of legendary actor Tom Hanks, has been missing for close to a month. The troubled 25-year old is an aspiring rapper who has had problems with drug abuse in the past. Just this July, Chet allegedly trashed a hotel room in England and was also involved...


Planned Parenthood’s newest clinic


Providing late, late, late, late term abortions. Sorry, that was terrible! Here are some adorable sleeping puppies to make it up to you. ...


Customer service


This guy gets it. Working in customer service is a sure way to end up hating people. Remember this post? The dog is a pro at handling difficult customers. ...

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Back to school


The back-to-school posts on Facebook have been going on for three weeks already. How long before everyone’s finally back and we can move forward to Halloween costume pictures? That pretty much sums up how I feel about the back to school thing. I’ve been posting a lot more pics of my dogs,...

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Furry face-off


Does this dog even know he’s wearing a mask? I think he’s just happy to be getting some attention from the cat! This cat is not having it. Beware a dog in a zebra mask… ...

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Is this the best behaved dog in the world?


Meet Sid. Sid is really good at holding still with delicious, delicious food in his mouth. Good boy! I really hope he gets to snack on that tasty food every now and then! ...

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Red carpet looks from last night’s VMAs

Frankie Grande

The MTV Video Music Awards are a chance for celebs to show off their craziest, most outlandish styles. This year’s VMA ceremony red carpet did not disappoint. From Miley’s nearly-naked suspender outfit to Taylor’s odd hairstyle choice to Kim K’s huge baby bump, there were plenty...


When you’re drunk and go on Instagram


Throwing likes out left and right. I’m guilty. What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve done on social media while drinking? ...