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Armpits of Instagram

pretty hair color

So, the newest trend on Instagram is hot women showing off their hairy pits. There’s certainly nothing wrong with this, it’s just… interesting. See for yourself. thoughtful ◄ Back ...

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The squirrel whisperer


Meet Mary Krupa. Mary is famous at Penn State because she’s known as the “Squirrel Whisperer. She’s made friends with a bunch of Eastern gray squirrels and dresses them in costumes for a Facebook page called Sneezy the Penn State Squirrel. Check out her work here: building a snowman ...

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Wedding KO


What’s funnier than a bride taking a fall during her wedding? UFC commentary dubbed over the video. More wedding disasters here!   ...

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The best hiding spot ever


This golden retriever just might be a world champion at playing hide-and-seek. Yet another reason why golden retrievers are the best.   ...

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Thinking about getting ear spacers?


If you’re considering ear spacers or “gauges” then this video might change your mind. Kurt Barnett started stretching his earlobes when he was 19 to follow a fashion trend. Watch him undergo surgery to patch up the holes. (Warning: yucky content.) Look fun? It also costs up to $500...

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Really good advice


… as long as you don’t mind getting punched in the face. If it’s one of these people with horrifically bad haircuts, you’re probably safe though. I’m sure they’re used to it. ...cute ...

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Warning: you cannot unsee this


You know what, at least he’s not hurting anyone else. Except anyone who used to like pudding, but won’t be able to stomach the stuff anymore after seeing this. Thanks, Pudding Fetish guy! ...

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Hulk Hogan’s Twitter spree


The embattled Hulk Hogan has gone on a Twitter rampage, following news that World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. cut its ties with him amid a report that the wrestling star used racial slurs in a conversation captured on a private sex tape. The 61-year-old tough guy has reached out to his 1.3 million...

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Chill out


What better way to stay chilly in hot weather than by licking an enormous ball of ice? Let these cool cats show you how they do it. So cool. ...

Dogs, Funny, Videos

Dogs that fail at being dogs


These dogs have it rough. Not only do they suck at doing dog stuff, but they have owners who captured their failures and posted them online for the world to see. The dog door ones kill me! ...